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Easy SunScreen Application WithOut The Greasy Fingers!

Playing any outdoor sport exposes you to more sun exposure than you need and puts you at a higher risk for skin cancer. Different sunscreen formulas will last for different amounts of time, but the general rule is to reapply every two hours, or more frequently if sweating. Our unique SunScreen applicator brush with case is perfect to take along with you to help encourage re-application as often as possible while keeping the sunscreen off your hands.

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Ladies Pants That Hug Your Curves

These timeless fitted women's pants are not only perfect for swinging a golf club, they will also transition easily into casual wear after your game. Play in comfort with these stretchy, wide waist band and higher waisted pull on golf trousers with real back pockets.

  • Fall Women's Fitted Sport Golf Jacket

    Review from Meghan G.

    Perfect for everyday wear! Confession: I am not a golfer! But you don’t need to golf to love this jacket! 

    This jacket is soft and cozy while also being nicely fitted, keeping you comfortable without looking frumpy. It fits true to size and it a great complement to any active outfit. 

    It’s a very versatile jacket. I wear it on hikes, runs, bike rides, and while doing strength workouts when it is cold out. I also wear it while running errands, etc. It’s so comfortable and I love it! 

  • Review from Carey H.

    The perfect fitting pant! I have long legs and these pants fit me perfectly and are very flattering. I love that they stay in place and I’m not constantly pulling them up. Can’t wait to purchase in other colors!

  • Review from Cindy B.

    This is the perfect LBD ~ I remember when I first started golfing that although I loved the sport, I always dreaded having to put on my golf attire - there are not many stylish and flattering options out there. When I found LaaTeeDa, it changed my world! I have a complete LaaTeeDa wardrobe and I love every single piece including this little black dress! The undergarment is sown into the dress and is so extremely comfortable compared to other golf dresses I've owned. The quality is excellent and the dress is very flattering. 

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