Feature Image courtesy of Nailed Golf and the Ultimate Golf Guide 2024

The Ultimate Women's Golf Guide 2024

Shelley West the Founder of Nailed Golf is known to graciously support other lady golfers and women entrepreneurs in the golf industry.   

In recent years she has spearheaded this Ultimate Golf Guide Publication featuring some of the top business ladies in the golf industry and LaaTeeDa Sports is delighted to join forces with Nailed Golf and Shelley West once again this year to help support all of these amazing women golf entrepreneurs!

Here is a link featuring this year's Ultimate Golf Shopping Guide and all of the amazing and talented "golf sisters" that Shelley West has brought together.

As for LaaTeeDa Sports, we are clearing out our current line of women's golf wear and supporting more junior girls golf teams across the country as we give back to many worthy charitable organizations in 2024.

After a recent battle with a rare infiltrative skin cancer, the Founder of LaaTeeDa Sports, Shelley Farro was featured on the show Botched - 2023 Season 8, Episode 10 if you would like to see her resilient journey to rebuild a side of her face and nose.

Shelley Farro (Carter) is now working on her next chapter to become an advocate for better skin cancer treatments and prevention. Her portable sunscreen brush applicator to help encourage more regular sun protection efforts is the start of the evolution of LaaTeeDa and a bright future ahead.

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