About Us - The LaaTeeDa Story

LaaTeeDa Sports was created for the young woman that was sent home to change from a golf course country club because her shorts didn’t come down to her knees; for the girl who just wanted to play the game, only to have men judge them before they even swing their club; and for the ladies that actually want to look good playing a sport that they love.

LaaTeeDa Golf Sports FounderOur founder, Shelley Carter-Farro, went golfing with a friend at a local Country Club years ago and as they picked up their cart and headed to tee off, they got called out for not wearing the proper "golf uniform".  Since there was nothing worth purchasing in the pro shop,  they headed home to change into their collared man cut golf shirts, the longest pair of Bermuda shorts they could find and a tennis skirt that might just make the cut.   


As they drove home Shelley's friend Nancy turned to her and said... "Well, la-di-da!".  They laughed and joked about how horrible women's golf clothes were and Shelley committed, "One day I am going to change that!"


Every weekend she would get out golfing with her friends and listen to how they too struggled to find golf clothing that they actually felt good wearing.  Realizing that not much had changed in women's golf wear since that sunny, summer day in 2015, the timing seemed right to take on this next career challenge and she officially launched LaaTeeDa in 2020 after 2 years of fashion design, testing and development.  

Throughout the years women’s choices in golf sportswear have been limited to pink or bright colored man cut polos and frumpy, flowered skirts and shorts ~ And if you are a more petite athletic women, the choices can be even more limited. Finding golf wear that actually fit and that you feel beautiful and confident in has been near impossible, until now.

Not only are we fighting some of the absurd outdated dress code restrictions that still exist at many country clubs, it also seems that the bulk of designers for women’s golf-specific clothes think women want a bright colored frumpy tops and longer skirts that hit just below their knees.

Finding decent affordable golf clothes for women is hard! 

Unfortunately it’s almost never in the Pro-Shop – at least not in any I’ve been in. I don’t know who buys for these shops but nothing ever fits anyone with a human- based shape. In the past most women have found some things that work from very non-golf sources like H&M or ASOS but in the current style cycle it’s increasingly difficult. More recently all you can find is an over- saturation of generic activewear.” * Quoted from Blog written by The Sub Par Golfer August 2018 

This is where LaaTeeDa Sportswear comes in ~ finally a brand of Women’s Athletic Golf Clothes that are so stylish women will want to wear them on and off the course.

LaaTeeDa Sports is committed to fighting the golf wear FRUMP by designing Stylish Sportswear that will make you look and feel beautiful and confident while playing a sport you love.