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Good Luck Searching Online For NEWLY Designed Women's Golf Clothes

If you do a search on Google or Amazon for Women's golf wear, likely you will be served up some generic sports wear brands or paid articles that feature much of the same old designs that the big brands have mass produced over the years.  How do you think they get hundreds or even thousands of reviews on clothing styles unless they have been selling that item for a long time?  They have either paid a lot of money to reach the top of the search, or to be placed in prominent articles above all of the emerging brands that are trying to break through the clutter to reach their ideal market that are looking for relevant options.

It is sad really.   There are many new ladies golf wear brands that have been developed over the years and many fail or at least are struggling to get in front of the masses only to be squished by the big guys or outbid by big budgets.   Now we get it, even the big brands are going to fight for every percentage of the marketshare that they can and they have the money to do it.   However it is the customers that suffer in the end as well, if they can't find what they are looking for because it is buried on page 50 of their google or amazon search.

Brands can stack their odds a bit of being organically found with SEO and other tactics but let's face it, the smaller brands just don't have the big money to spend like the Athleta's, Nike's or LuLuLemon's of the world.

What if google came up with a program for small businesses that would charge the business a commission for every piece sold through search so that customers could really see what is new and available to buy online?  They can keep their top level Pay per Click brands that are willing to spend $5+ on a click through to their site (adding a ton of cost to that shirt you just purchased ~ by the way) but right below the pay per click model it would be amazing to see a commission based business digital ad model that would serve up more new and relevant options for customers, not just for golf clothing but for any business category, since I am sure this is a challenge for so many new emerging brands.

Google search

The same goes for the amazon advertising pay to play model.   For many brands the cost to sell their products digitally can eat away any profit and in many cases brands are paying amazon out of pocket just to have a presence on the platform.

Women's golf search


Let's bring back some healthy competition that allows new businesses to flourish and gives customers what they are looking for, both for ladies golf wear and any other new emerging brand that is trying to get their tiny little piece of the market share in their industry.

As a consumer looking for NEW fashion options for golf, athletic or specific sportswear how do you find surfing through all the paid options that are served up?   Are you able to find what you are looking for?   Would you rather support a small brand with great customer service and find clothes that are not mass produced or do you feel that you will get more from a big established brand?

We would love to hear your thoughts?

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