Are You Hiding Your Body Behind Your Clothes?

Are You Hiding Your Body Behind Your Clothes?

How Athletic-Forward Clothing Designs Can Inspire Confidence ~

It always amazes me how many women will hide their body behind frumpy clothing, thinking that they are hiding their perceived imperfections.   The fact of the matter is that if you wear clothes that don't fit your body or if they are boxy and ill-fitting you will actually appear bigger than you actually are.

If something doesn’t fit, then it never looks good, no matter how good you think the item looks on the rack or on the model wearing it in pictures.

Well-fitting clothes should complement your body, whereas ill-fitting ones will draw attention to areas you are actually trying to hide. It is also critical to have some body confidence and not get too caught up in what you perceive as your flaws or problem areas.

Body confidence can mean different things for different people but the consensus is that it's really about challenging yourself to accept and hopefully love who you are today, just as you are, instead of the constant need for “perfection”.

When you wear clothes that fit well, you’ll not only look, but also feel better. Your posture appears better, which affects the way you, and other people perceive yourself. You’ll feel a lot more confident.

This is why fit is such an important aspect of style and why it is sometimes critical to invest in a good seamstress to help you get the perfect fit since, depending on your height, curves, torso length (shorter or longer), legs (shorter or longer), we each have a unique body that may or may not fit perfect in every style of clothing that we buy - especially when you are buying clothing online.

Double check the sizes against pieces you feel most comfortable in and that you know fit you right, but don't hesitate to have something hemmed or taken in a bit at the waist to show off more of your curves or if something else doesn't fit you perfectly.

So why do women keep making this mistake of buying and wearing clothing that doesn't fit them well?

3 Types of Women Who Wear Ill-Fitting Clothes

Women wear ill-fitting clothes for a number of reasons.  Here are 3 main types of ladies that we see the most:

  • The Body Hider is unsatisfied with the body she has and tries to hide it from the world. They wear clothes that are too large to try and cover up their problem areas, but in doing so, they’re only drawing attention to them. Skinny girls that do this look even thinner because they don't fill out their clothes and curvier women only add more bulk to their frame.
  • The Body Smoother thinks she can smooth out her bulges by wearing extremely tight clothes. She doesn’t realize this will only make them more prominent.
  • The Indifferent doesn’t think fit matters that much. If an item looks cool on a mannequin, it will also look cool on her. Who cares that it’s a bit oversized?

How Clothes Should Fit for sport or causal wear:

Clothes should fit the body you have now; not the one you aspire to have. Sometimes people will buy clothes in smaller sizes, because they intend to lose weight.  This is not an ideal approach. You should never base your wardrobe on a future projection of yourself.

Properly fitting clothes should feel comfortable however you shouldn't always be hiding behind frumpy, baggy clothing. Your clothing should drape over your body without stretching too much or billowing. It should accentuate the lines of your frame and not hide it under a sack.

For many women, fitted stretchy fabrics can make them feel more in control.  It is even said that if you’re feeling anxious, more fitted clothing can make you feel like you can actually harness that anxiety into something else.  Alternatively, looser fabrics can have the reverse effect.

These are just some of the reasons that all of our LaaTeeDa Sportswear pieces hug the figure a bit more than the frumpy old golf wear styles of the past.  Each design still leaves space for move-ability and breathability while you golf or just wear these pieces as casual wear.

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