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SunScreen thick bristle brush applicator with case LaaTeeDa
Facial Cream, Lotion or Spray Applicator Brush

Multi-Use SunScreen, Self Tanner, Bug Spray Applicator Brush

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Unique 'S' shaped sunscreen applicator brush with plastic protective, carry case cover. This Kabuki style brush is made with soft synthetic vegan bristles that give you full and even coverage of your sunscreen, self-tanning lotion or even bug spray.   Since the brush is so soft, thick and dense, your sunscreen or other lotions will apply evenly.   Just buy a separate brush for each type of application to prevent cross contamination.

If you think about it, your face has all kinds of nooks and crannies, so the shape of these soft thick bristles reflect that. This S-shaped angled kabuki brush allows the synthetic bristles to get all up in around your nose and eyes for even coverage

If you’re applying your facial sunscreen, self tanner or bug spray with your fingers, it's time to stop.

  • Using this uniquely designed  brush you can now apply your lotion, cream or spray evenly. It also prevents all the oils and bacteria on your fingers from clogging up your pores — provided your brush is clean, of course - so we do recommend washing it regularly and replacing it when needed.

*Provisional Patent Pending - LaaTeeDa Sports LLC

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