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Why Women Take Up Golf and What Holds Some Back

Many women take up golf—for exercise, for fresh air and some just for a chance to see their husband or even their dad on the weekends—but many start out having no clue what they should be wearing on the course or they have seen some of the hideous options out there and are completely turned off before they even give the sport a chance. 

Golf can become your new favorite passion and it is also a great fashion opportunity these days: A chance to do "preppy chic" or "sporty yet classy” looks that can stand the test of time and be worn on and off the golf course.  If you think about it, all of us women should be persuaded to take up the sport, even if it just makes your golf-bonkers husband or dad a happy man. After all most women will share with you what an amazing feeling it is to really connect with that little white ball and see how far you can hit it. And then there is figuring out the grace of the short game, it will have you hooked in no time if you just give it a chance!

Once you get bit by the bug, you can spend more quality time with your hubby, dad or even just hang out with girlfriends.  It’s all about the camaraderie, getting exercise, some fresh air and doing something social.

We all know it can be very hard to find nice golf clothes, that aren’t super expensive.  As is often the case, though, you get what you pay for.  Cheaper clothes just don’t have that amazing feel that we are going for here with our LaaTeeDa Sportswear line. And the simpler the design, the more that quality counts.

So many activewear brands on the market make “busy” overly patterned or bright colored golf clothes.  Our approach was to design clothes that are fitted to show off your body, while being a bit understated but not boring ~ timeless pieces that will make you feel and look beautiful while being very functional for sport.  The only pattern we are committed to at the moment is a monochrome plaid since it anchors our line with the rich history of golf and can easily mix and match with other solid color pieces.

These Slim Fit Golf Pants Are A Must Have 

Women's Slim Fit Plaid Golf Pants

As for bottoms, these high waisted stretch plaid golf pant, in a technical fabric, for stretch is perfect since you will find yourself bending down a lot to pick up or place your ball and you use the force of your body as hard as you can to swing through at the ball, so for many you will be  much more comfortable in pants, than a flowy little tennis skirt that blows up in the wind.  Plus these pants are perfect to complete your women's winter golf attire.   The LaaTeeDa Sports Skorts and Dress with built in bodysuit with bathroom access are also designed to be beautiful yet classy and comfortable with the way they fit the body and move with you.

Pull-Overs or Jackets To Keep You Warm This Fall

Long Sleeve Golf Shirt with Pocket for WomenOn chillier days you will need a jacket or pull-over. Ones with pockets are a plus!


Don't Forget A Comfy Pair of Shoes and Golf Gloves

For your shoes it is important to find a pair of good fitting golf shoes that will be comfortable enough for a long walk, yet give you the extra stability of the little spikes or special traction allowing you to swing through and let physics do the work.   Check out Foot-joy for more modern designs like this one below...

Foot Joy Golf Shoes

Or Areogreen sold by Nailed Golf if you prefer a more traditional look and want to support an amazing Women Owned small business entrepreneur, Shelley West.

Aerogreen Golf Shoe


Women's Golf GloveAlso don’t forget to buy a good quality golf glove!   Our favorite that comes in different colors and is so incredibly soft is the Nailed Golf gloves that we feature on our site with our Hats and Accessories. This glove will offer you a much better grip on your golf clubs which is important.   These luxurious gloves are designed specifically to enhance a woman and her game.  A tip for you newbies:  Right-handed players select Left glove and Left-handed players select Right glove.

What about sun coverage?

Women's Golf Plaid HatWell, luckily we have some cute plaid hat and visor options for you to consider as well and as for sunscreen, you can try Neutrogena UltraSheer 70 or SunBum Clear 50 which is one of our favorites to lather on your face.  

Speaking of sunscreens we have a little surprise in store for you in the coming weeks, as we are developing a new applicator to put on that sunscreen without getting it all over your hands - who wants greasy sunscreen hands when they are trying to grip and swing a club, plus we have all had that “sunscreen in my eyes” moment that this is sure to help eliminate.   Watch for more details on that coming soon!

In the meantime, if we have convinced you to consider taking up golf - get some lessons, rent some golf clubs if you aren’t sure at first, indulge in some cute outfits from LaaTeeDa Sports and other up and coming women's golf wear brands ~ add in all the trimmings with a hat, belt, glove golf, shoes and you will be all set to take on the challenge and fun of the amazing sport of golf.

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I am in my 50’s and I own the dress that Besty Larey was so “disillusioned” by and I don’t get it. This is the most comfortable, flattering golf dress I own. Not sure why this lady is so against women looking nice on the golf course but I had to post a response to say to LaaTeeDa, please don’t change what you are doing. We need more flattering clothes in golf. One person’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Wendy A

As the CEO of LaaTeeDa, I welcome all opinions and comments as this opens a good dialogue of different opinions. All of the LaaTeeDa sports collection has been tested by women on the golf course and all pieces were designed by a women. The company is owned by a women who is only trying to encourage more young women to take up the sport. All of our designs may not be for everyone however they are approved by most golf courses including many country clubs that are updating their outdated dress code and they all meet the latest LPGA dress code standards. Why can’t women look and feel good in what they wear playing golf? If they are comfortable and are not showing their butt cheeks or too much cleavage, I am not sure why this article would ever cause anyone to get so upset over manufacturers starting to make more appealing golf clothing for women. We have updated the header image featuring our golf dress since we don’t want this article to distract against what it was meant to do and that is encourage more young women to take up this sport. This line of clothing may not be for everyone and that is okay.

Shelley Carter

I love that golf is finally starting to come around and offer clothing for us younger golfers. I never felt comfortable in the golf clothing for women before and it is amazing to see these new brands emerging to finally give us more options. I have a couple pieces from this line and I love them both. The pants are so comfortable and move with you. The dress is plenty long for me as a more petite women and the material is so soft, stretchy and comfortable. Thank you LaaTeeDa for giving us these great choices.

Taylor Addison

Yes, I am in the golf industry. And I am disillusioned by the current state of “fashion” in women’s golf clothing. The top picture is a woman in a dress so short she, in no way, could not bend over and get the ball out of the cup. All the manufacturers are doing the same thing. Just wondering, is the CEO and CFO male or female? If it’s a guy, I think he should put on one of your dresses, or your skin tight pants and see how he likes playing golf in that. BTW, I am dead serious.

Betsy Larey

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