What To Look For In A Ponytail Hat

What To Look For In A Ponytail Hat

Anyone with long hair knows there are times when they need to keep their hair up and off their face. Tying your hair into a ponytail is a simple and stylish way to do this however if you are into outdoor sports like golf where you will need some sun-protection, finding a hat that can accommodate both a high or low ponytail style is important. 

Ponytails can sit high on the scalp or hang low near your neck. Either way, for women who style their hair in a high ponytail or messy bun often, finding a hat to accommodate the tied up hair can be challenging. Thankfully now there is a widening array of ponytail hats specially designed for this purpose. For its flexible high and low opening, our recommended choice is this versatile and stylish Plaid LaaTeeDa PonyTail Hat.


What to look for in a quality ponytail hat


Depending on the style, ponytail hats come in many different materials. Denim, cotton and polyester are common materials that are durable and comfortable. Some less expensive ponytail hats are made from acrylic materials and often times have a cheap cardboard like structure inside the bill of the hat that will not stand up to getting wet, so be cautious when picking out the cheapest hat you can find.

Opening type

Some ponytail hats come with just a hole cut out of the top or back of the hat to accommodate a ponytail or bun. These can be stylish but also a bit challenging if the hole is not in an ideal location for your height of ponytail. It could cause you to have to shift the hat on your head to make it more comfortable.  Other ponytail hats feature a criss-cross elastic band network with multiple openings for the ponytail to exit the hat but that can look a bit awkward when you are not wearing your hair up. We think finding a ponytail hat with simple but effective clean stylish openings is key.


If you wear your ponytail in different ways or sometimes have a tight ponytail versus a messy bun, consider hats with an adjustable fit so that you can better fit the hat to your head while still finding a comfortable place for your ponytail or bun to exit. Velcro and hook-and-loop closures are common for this.

If you have long hair and have not yet tried on a Ponytail hat to help give you some sun protection and style during your outdoor lifestyle, what are you waiting for?

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