What To Look For In A Golf Dress

What To Look For In A Golf Dress

 Golf has become more and more popular with many women and brands, even those that never got their start within the golf industry are starting to take note of this. We are seeing an increased range of women's golf attire that is hitting the market and golf dresses are popping up in just about every sport brand.

Us lady golfers can still talk about the wide range of cringe-worthy and ill-fitting golf clothes that we have seen throughout the years in women’s golf apparel, especially within pro-shops across the country. The expanding category has allowed women to not only look and feel great playing golf but also show some personality and try out runway looking trends on the course. Plus we are seeing more and more companies creating golf apparel for women that doesn't scream: “I just came from the golf course,” so you can incorporate these pieces into your everyday wardrobe of transitional clothing.

The dress code on golf courses, especially at Country Clubs,  has a reputation for being strict, making golf one of the sports, where fashion can seem very limited. Luckily, there are a ton of cute golf outfits now available so you not only look good on the greens but you can also transition stylishly to the clubhouse after your round. 

Here are our top two favorite stylish LaaTeeDa golf dresses that will perform on the course, but you’ll even love wearing in between rounds.


Sleeveless Golf Dress BlackShort Sleeve Golf Dress Bodycon Black


What should you look for when picking your favorite golf dress?

1. Look for the length you are comfortable with but don't be scared of showing a little leg!   Times are changing.

2. If your golf dress comes with built in shorts, like this sleeveless design above that is a bonus!  If it also has easy bathroom access so you don't have to completely undress when using the bathroom... double bonus!

3. If your golf dress does not come with shorts, like the ribbed short sleeve bodycon dress option above, you may want to wear a pair of comfortable slim fit shorts underneath so you feel more comfortable bending down during your game. Either way this dress is an affordable, lightweight option that will be super transitional from course to lunch with your pals.

4. Look for breathable, stretchy fabrics that move with you.

5. Don't be afraid to show your curves!   Did you know wearing clothes that are too loose fitting and frumpy make you look much bigger than you actually are?

Now I don’t know about all of you women out there, but every time I used to go on vacation or get invited to play golf when I first started playing, I used to always be stumped on what to wear. The women’s golf attire outfit options can still seem a bit BLEAK but it is slowly changing and we are trying our best to shake this industry up a bit. 

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