What Is Up With All The Crazy Patterns In Women's Golf Wear?

What Is Up With All The Crazy Patterns In Women's Golf Wear?

It is said that wearing brighter colors can improve your mood and for some women, we are sure this true.  But there is a difference between just wearing bright solid colors versus choosing bright, busy, bold patterns and we would love to better understand how many women are actually drawn towards bold patterns, versus solid colors or classic neutrals. 

There is definitely Color Psychology at play and we have discussed that in previous articles.

What we would like to better wrap our head around, is who are the women that wear all the extremely bold patterns that we are seeing in women's golf wear like the image below?   If this your style, all the power to you, to have the confidence and bold spirit to pull off these colorful patterns.    Look we aren't judging, okay maybe just a bit, but only because we want to understand the draw behind wearing such bold and colorful patterns.

Black can feel like a security blanket for many and that is why it anchors almost every design we manufacturer.

Wearing bright colors and patterns is always a challenge, especially for many of the women that inspired our brand LaaTeeDa Sports. Bright colors can suggest youth, energy and vibrant living, but if they are not styled and matched properly, they can easily make you look garish, over-the-top and attention seeking.   Since women's golf wear seemed to be over-saturated with so many bold colorful patterns, we wanted to take an opposite approach and focus more on the classic neutrals, sticking only to Glen Plaid and Chevon patterns that could mix and match with almost everything.

Plaid Pattern Clothing

Keeping things colorless is easy: You don't have to put much thought into getting dressed, for one thing (black always goes with black! And gray!). Plus many women we know don't want to draw to much attention to themselves through bold colored clothing, and what better way is there to move though life virtually unnoticed than dressing like a shadow LOL?  Just kidding.   We know that is what many women, who prefer brighter colored clothing would say.

We know there is an argument for both sides (Bright Patterned Colors versus Classic Neutrals) and at the end of the day it is totally an individual preference and what you feel most comfortable in that matters.






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