Trading In Your Homebound Loungewear For More Structured Active Leisure Wear -

Trading In Your Homebound Loungewear For More Structured Active Leisure Wear

There is no doubt that this pandemic has changed our fashion and our shopping habits for good, but I am hoping that your homebound loungewear will eventually get old and you will want to jump out into something equally as comfortable, but much more versatile.

Oversized-everything and even unisex clothing has become a trend this year.  A quick google search of this will confirm that way too many of us are just covering up our bodies in the closest fit and feel to our jammies, so we can continue hunkering down at home waiting for this to be all over.

Well the time will come, at least I hope it will when we start to get back to our new normal lives and actually get out to live and interact with others.   Do you really feel and look your best in an oversized potato sack that just happens to be comfortable to wear?   I don't know about you but this is all a bit depressing.   

You know how the right clothes can make you feel.  When you find the perfect pair of pants, dress or total outfit that fits well and happens to be comfortable but it also shows off your body in the best way possible, there is something that goes on in the inside as well.  You feel confident and beautiful.    Whether you are heading out to golf or just running a quick errand, don't you want to feel good about yourself?  

Many of us are starting to dream of trading our frumpy sweatpants for something more fashionable. But will our time in quarantine redefine what that means?

If we look ahead to what we all might dress like in the future, I highly doubt anyone will want to continue to wear their sweatpants 24/7.

I get it right now, what’s a new outfit worth if no one can see it?

It may seem like a lifetime ago, when we all woke up early to get dressed and ready for a full day at work or a day out with friends.  Don't let this moment in time discourage you from motivating yourself to look presentable even if you’re still stuck working from  home.

I know the challenge is striking a balance between laidback and polished. If you’re like many people - you probably realized this year that your casual-yet-professional wardrobe was lacking. You want to be comfortable, but you also need to look half decent for your zoom calls. Luckily, online shopping is not canceled! 

Comfy Does Not Mean Frumpy

I know, who doesn’t love lounging around in their PJ’s? They are undeniably comfortable - but when you are working from home for months on end, now is the time to strike the balance between comfort and professionalism. When you look put together, you feel more in control and confident, and it can show in your productivity.

“When you look good, you feel good” - this old saying rings true even during Covid. Feeling confident and beautiful in what you wear, even when working from home can help improve how well you interact with other people, even virtually.

We have all been there this year!  Starting today, try and set aside some time to do your hair and apply some makeup in the morning, if that is your thing. Sometimes, all it takes is just a little blush, lipstick, and mascara to help you feel fabulous and ready to conquer the day.

Don't get stuck in a time capsule from Spring, 2020!

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