Top 5 Reasons Fall Golf Is The Best

Top 5 Reasons Fall Golf Is The Best

With summer coming to a close and autumn upon us, there is still lots of golf days to enjoy.  So don’t put away the sticks quite yet. Start times might be a little later however the crisp cool weather, clear skies and beautiful course conditions all make fall a great time to enjoy an extra round of golf or two.

Below are some great reasons to extend your golf season this fall…

1.  Perfect Weather For Golf: The Summer temperatures can have you sweating from the moment you step out on the course. Even the most breathable sportswear will not stop you from experiencing the 90+F summer heat. Fall weather can be quite crisp, however it can be a welcome change from the summer heat and an opportunity to break out your favorite golf wear layers like this comfortable Pull-Over from LaaTeeDa Sports with a handy front pouch pocket to carry your golf tools or just a place to keep your hands warm in between shots.  It is also golf pants season and time to have an excuse to refresh your whole golf wardrobe!

Ladies layering pull over jacket

Ladies Golf Pants


2.  You Are In Top Form:  For many, you have had an entire golf season to practice and you should be feeling more comfortable with your swing, your putting and your equipment is starting to feel like an extension of your arms.  Chances are that your golf game has never been better (hopefully or if not it's the perfect time to continue to practice while having fun).

3.  It's A Great time for a golf lesson:  Chances are your local golf pro is probably less busy than he or she has been throughout the busy spring and summer golf season.  He or she can spend a little extra time giving you the personalized instruction you need to take your game to the next level or you can even plan for a group lesson with some friends.

4.  The Courses Are In Tip Top Shape & the Scenery Is Amazing:  Most golf courses have a full season of primping and care by the amazing grounds keepers and as the summer heat subsides there is usually more moisture coating the grass and in the air. The wet turf is likely to make your putt roll farther on the fairways as well as on the greens.   Greens tend to be smoother, fairways thick and lush, and landscaping at its best. Perhaps the best thing about playing golf in autumn is the scenery. Morning dew, amber light and colorful foliage makes for a spectacular backdrop to your golf game. There is nothing like golfing though a forest of fall colors.  Yellow poplars, red maples, golden tamarack often grace the fairways – adding an extra element of beauty to the golf experience.  Blue skies and majestic mountains seem closer and even more dramatic in the crisp fall light.

5. Beat the crowds:  Summer is over and the crowds have by and large gone home.  So you probably won’t be rushed along by the anxious foursome behind you.  You can take a bit more time, relax and really enjoy the round – hone your golf skills that much more.


Don’t let the fall’s chill keep you away from the course. Modern advancements in athletic wear like LaaTeeDa Sports for women will help keep you warm.

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