Finding The Sweet Spot Length In Golf Skorts

Finding The Sweet Spot Length In Golf Skorts

Young female players who have embraced shorter-length golf shorts seemingly wear few other brands then LuLulemon. But interestingly, you would be hard-pressed to find a single golf-specific item online from that brand. Despite the fact that the “Golf” tab on their website reveals over 100 available"golf" items, pretty much everything is specifically designed for something else, like running or tennis, but is also "golf appropriate" — a great marketing strategy we would agree.  

But here is where we would like to think we are different.   We are golfers ourselves and we test out each of our fashion forward versatile women's golf wear designs on the golf course to ensure they are not just appropriate but also comfortable, stylish and functional.

As a middle-aged mom, those micro minis don’t have the same appeal they used to, so we understand that some women golfers may want a bit more length but who wants to wear a frumpy skirt down to their knees at any age?

Most golf skirts can ranges from 14 inches to 16.5, depending on the size - The LaaTeeDa branded skirt featured here has a 3" waist band followed by 12" of the light flowing skirt for the Small Size. Where is your sweet spot?  Do you like sporty, but not too short, or not too long? We know pockets are also a plus, so we have one hidden in the shorts panel. A lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric is also ideal for the hotter summer months, so we have that covered too.

Ready to add this skort to your apparel arsenal for a fraction of the price of the LuLuLemon brand? Check out this link to buy.

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