The History of Ladies Golf Pants on the Links

The History of Ladies Golf Pants on the Links

It's fun to look back on the styles of the past when it comes to fashion in general, but we thought it would be even more fun to reflect back on women's golf pants over the years, starting with the 1970's.

Bright Colored Pants - The 1970's

In the 70's women began wearing pants suits, form-fitting pants and platform shoes as statements of power and equality to their male counterparts, and in golf they did away with the golf dress for more of a unisex style of attire. Slacks replaced the golf dress and waistline accentuating clothing made a comeback.

Polyester was the fabric of choice and bright colors were officially in. It wasn’t uncommon to see women on the first tee sporting bright red or yellow trousers, with a flare at the ankle.

High Waisted Pants - The 1980's

Then came the 80's, Shoulder pads and big hair weren’t the ’80s only iconic fashion statements. The high-wasted pant was another fad whose popularity hit its peak in the decade.

Waistlines were accentuated with sleek belts and color-coordinated tops and bottoms, creating a chic look for women on the golf course.

Many credit a marketing campaign by Guess as a driving force that suddenly made everyone want a pair.

Khakis - The 1990's

In the 90's ladies forgot the flamboyant hues of previous decades. In the ’90s, women golfers decided they were enough to give them a headache on the course. The decade marked a time where woman traded loud colors for the more subdued wardrobe on the course. Classic pleated khakis were in style and typically paired with oversized polos.

Back in the 1990s, for the men, the only guy still wearing knickers was Payne Stewart, and while he did look damn good in those billowy, knee-length pants and long socks, we're thankful that the last few years have brought have brought a different look to the links.


Today Stretchy, water-resistant, quick-drying fabrics are all the rage and brands are actually making golf pants that have a tailored fit — no more baggy, frumpy golf pants for both men and women.

In 2022, we needed something a bit more functional than cotton khakis or knickers for hitting the golf course. Luckily, performance golf pants that ensure you look good from the first tee to the 19th hole are here and we think these are the best out there today for women golfers.

These pants might not make you a scratch golfer, but at least you'll look good.

Whether you love a high waisted pant or low waisted pant, LaaTeeDa Sports has the perfect Ladies Golf Pants for the athletic women golfers out there.

High Waisted Plaid Pants

Low Waisted Golf Pants

Styles and trends can tend to fade away before they make a comeback and re-appear in our wardrobes, but these ladies pant styles above should stand the test of time!

What we look back and joke about now could be the hottest new trend in a decade or two, so maybe you should hang on to that old collection of Bermuda shorts... or NOT. You never know when they’ll come in handy once again 🤣.

Only time will tell.

What trend do you think is next to come? Let us know in the comments below!

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