The Bare Foot Golf Challenge -

The Bare Foot Golf Challenge

THE SECRET TO A SOLID CONSISTENT SWING IS BEING ABLE TO MAINTAIN GOOD BALANCE THROUGHOUT.  So it only makes sense that golfing barefoot could help you feel and retain that balance throughout each swing or even putt for that matter.

Have you ever noticed those days on the golf course when it all seems so easy ~ the slower you swing the further the ball seems to travel?

We recently played around with a fun test where we went golfing barefoot and not only did we have one of the most fun rounds of golf, we also noticed a much better tempo with our swings.  After some research we found that this amazing timing we experienced during this barefoot round of golf was likely due to a nice consistent balance.

Some Coaching Pros will even ask you to remove your shoes and hit some shots. Now you might think it is odd at first however during your swing you could find yourself clawing at the ground with your toes if your weight isn’t properly balanced.  After a few slight adjustments your balance can improve dramatically, especially without your shoes.

This is just one example of the importance of your feet in relation to your golf swing. So next time you’re at the range or golf course try taking off your shoes on a hole or two, hit a few shots and hopefully improve your game.

We have seen celebrities golf in bare feet many times.   Do a google search on the subject of BareFoot Golfers and you might be surprised how many people love golfing barefoot.   It is freeing, tons of fun and we think everyone should try golfing bare foot at some point even if it is just to get your balance in check!

There are even BareFoot golf tournaments like the Annual Clubs Barefoot Canyon Classic at The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

Athletes in more and more sports have begun to see how the natural benefits of going barefoot can be beneficially applied to their own sports, and golf is no exception. Wouldn't it be fun to see a trend on all the links throughout the country — playing golf in special “barefoot” shoes or actually playing barefoot? Time will tell, but here’s how golfing barefoot can help your game.

Barefoot golf benefits

1. Golfing barefoot or in “barefoot” shoes lets you stand in a true neutral posture with proper alignment.

2. Your weight is balanced evenly over your stance.

3. There are no spikes to get caught or twisted during your swing.

4. Being barefoot lowers your center of gravity since there is “zero drop” from your heel to your toes. This creates greater stability and a firmer connection to the ground. The heels on shoes create an unnatural hip tilt, which you no longer need to correct for.

5. With the hundreds of steps you take when walking the golf course, you may feel decreased stress and pain to your joints.

6. Putting barefoot lets you feel the contours of the grass and better understand the lay of the green.

7. Feeling the sand between your toes is never a bad thing and walking barefoot into a sand trap lets you get a feel for the type and density of the sand, so you can better understand how to deal with this hazard. 

8. When toes are free from shoes, all 26 bones in each foot are able to grip better and maintain a steadier balance.

9. Hitting golf balls barefooted can help you develop good footwork and good balance.

But what about your Strict Country Club rules?

You may be wondering how the buttoned-up folks at your Country Club would react to seeing you strut up to the green with your feet bare and this is a reasonable concern.

While golfing with no shoes does not violate any USGA Official Rules of Golf, it certainly can violate the dress codes at many country clubs. If this is the case at your local golf course but you would still like to “free the foot” and reap the benefits of your natural biomechanics, your best bet is to get yourself a pair of specially designed barefoot shoes.

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