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If you like so many other women in America that finally decided to take up the sport of golf this past year, you're not alone. This centuries-old game is the perfect way to get in your steps, get outside and be active, while engaging in friendly competition.  This is why, 24.8 million golfers hit the links in the US in 2020, an increase of 500,000 in 2019 — the largest increase in 17 years, according to the National Golf Foundation.

The sport of golf has increased in popularity among women specifically, with the number of women golfers growing by 8% year over year, contributing to the largest increase within the sport in the last five years, reports the National Golf Foundation.

"Golf is setting record numbers in both equipment sales and rounds played, and women are the fastest-growing segment of the game," says Jeff Newton, a spokesperson for Callaway Golf. 

Not only are people embracing the sport of golf, they are also embracing the fashion that comes along with it, which has come a long way from the days of pleated khakis and oversized, brightly patterned polo-style shirts for women. Players, spectators, and fans are all sporting the new selection of golf clothes more than ever.

While you might not be a golfer yourself, you can still embrace the golf-leisure look while watching the sport and in everyday life. You no longer have to be out there swinging a club to embrace today's new women's golf wear styles.

Whether you've been working on your golf game, or you just love the look of a sporty skirt and a cute collared golf shirt in lieu of your tank top and over worn yoga leggings this past year, here at LaaTeeDa Sports we have some of the cutest, most fashionable and functional women's golf clothes and gear on the market right now.

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