Our Top 3 Tips For Beginner Golfers

Our Top 3 Tips For Beginner Golfers

Besides all the typical beginner golf tips on taking lessons and learning the basics of golf etiquette and rules, here are some highly recommended tips by LaaTeeDa Sports.

1.  Have fun playing at whatever stage you are at.   If you are just getting started, why not play your first full rounds on the course in a Best Ball Scramble format?  No matter how far you hit your ball, you can go pick it up and play it next to the person that hit the farthest and best positioned ball.   This not only helps with the pace of play for other golfers you are with, it also takes away some of the pressure.   Before you know it you will be improving and able to keep up with the more experienced golfers. 

2. Feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing on the course. Choose golf clothing that is your style but that will also meet your golf course dress code.   Check out some the more fashion forward, classic athletic leisure women’s wear clothing at LaaTeeDa Sports that you will want to wear for everyday wear, not just for golf. If you are just taking up this sport, it can get expensive to invest in all the equipment and clothing, etc., so if you can find clothing that is transitional into everyday wear - clothes that seamlessly and comfortably 'transition' you from golf to a lunch date without feeling like you are wearing a uniform,  that is always a good investment.

3. Don’t forget the importance of Sun-Protection. When getting yourself set up with lessons and the proper equipment like clubs, balls and clothing, don’t forget the importance of sunscreen and sun protective clothing, hats etc.! There is no excuse for playing a round of golf without properly applying sunscreen and reapplying it every couple of hours, wearing a quality pair of sunglasses, a hat, staying hydrated and practicing safe sun habits like seeking shade and conducting regular screenings for skin cancer. LaaTeeDa Sports has everything from a unique portable Sunscreen Applicator Brush you can carry in your golf bag, to hats that will help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

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