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Fashion Psychology and Golf Wear That May Help You Play Better

Have you ever heard of fashion psychology?   We recently came across an article that stated " If you are looking to hit the ball farther more often or generally improve your aim, Dr. Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the author of the book "Dress Your Best Life: How to Use Fashion Psychology to Take Your Look—and Your Life—to the Next Level," has some simple tips that may help your game while keeping you on-trend."

The No. 1. Tip was to wear tighter fabrics

“Tighter fabrics make you feel more control, make you feel more sane,” Karen says. “Makes you feel like if you’re feeling anxious you can actually harness that into something else. Something healthy.”

These form fitting pants from LaaTeeDa Sports will give you the perfect fit and according to Dr. Dawn Karen this style can also help improve your game.   We won't argue with that! 😂

Snug fitting golf pants

No. 2. Wear shades of brown or black

In the field of fashion psychology—which focuses on the connotations of clothes for both the wearer and perceiver—brown is associated with stability, reliability, and practicality. According to Karen, it's a color that is grounding and cultivates intuition, all of which help a player look and feel more in control. “Brown can [give] a sense of being rooted,” Karen says. “So look for beige, caramel, coffee—those are the same grounding color scheme.”

"Black is a color that is taken seriously" says a fashion and style expert, Karen Haller.

According to research in the field of psychology, the color black is perceived by others as an indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence.

The Color Gray Symbolizes Compromise and Control. 

So this leads us to believe that this black and grey fitted pull over should really help improve your game! 😉

 Black and Grey Fitted Jacket with Zipper can it improve your golf game


No. 3. Don’t overlook accessories that can bring you even more luck

Any pro tour golfer will tell you: Consistency comes down to the details. To manifest and project this on the course you should experiment with a signature or lucky pieces that you associate with positive feelings. For example, did you know that Dustin Johnson carries quarters from the 1960s in his bag? “They’re a good reminder of the scores I’m trying to get to,” he says. Will Zalatoris marks his Titleist Pro V1 golf balls with his initials and the number “99” which apparently comes from a Dave & Buster’s game in which he always shoots 99 by throwing a football. 

We all know that golf can be a very psychological game.   Just when you think you figured it out you will be brought back to reality.  I think we all need a little help to ensure our minds are at ease, and not over-thinking every shot we take.  So if some fashion updates and a couple lucky charms could possibly help us play better, I say it's worth a try!

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