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Everything we can possibly think of that should go in your golf bag

Did you ever stop and think about all the junk, we mean essential items you put in your golf bag?

What's in your bag?: The Essentials
- 14 Clubs (At least)
- Six golf balls: If you're golf game is a little off at times, maybe up your stash and take 50/50 between new and used.
- Three head covers for woods and hybrids
- A dozen or so tees
- 2-3 golf gloves ~ Check out  Nailed Golf Gloves designed to enhance a woman and her game. https://www.nailedgolf.com/shop1/gloves/
- Extra Score Card
- Spare Pencil with Eraser
- Mask or Face Covering ~  Sadly these days this has also become an essential. 
- Bag tag with your name: It certainly helps at the bag drop
- 2 towels: a big one for clubs and a small towel to keep in your back pocket for the green is handy on dewey mornings.
- Divot repair tool
- Ball marker: if you don't have a lucky coin by now, you should.
- Mini-Sharpie: Or else how will you mark your ball with your trademark smiley face to truly know if it's your Titlest in the fairway?
- Protective pouch: For your phone or other items that could scratch when in a golf bag.
- Driver adjustment tool
- Wire Brush/groove cleaner
- Sunglasses
- Your LaaTeeDa Sports Hat or Visor ;)
First Aid
- Sunscreen
- Lip balm (especially for the desert or mountain courses)
- Band-Aids (for blisters)
- Bug Repellent
- Bottle (or travel pack) of painkillers
- Muscle Rub
- 2 packaged foods (nothing that will spoil quickly, like an energy or fruit bar)
- Water
Foul weather preparedness
Optional depending on the season and forecast. If you don't want to keep it all in your bag, consider keeping these items together in a smaller, easy-to-access bag.
Wet weather
- Set of rain gloves
- Rain club cover
- Rain jacket
- Pair of rain pants
- Umbrella
- Waterproof baggie: Good for valuables, phones, wallet, etc.
Cold weather
- Set of winter gloves
- Under shirt or arm warmers
- A LaaTeeDa Sports Fitted Jacket, Pull Over or Vest
- Handwarmer packs
- Wool cap that covers the ear
Social golf novelties
These items are particularly useful for social golf and group trips.
- Koozie: We don't condone "packing" your own booze but B.Y.O. Koozie is essential.
- Insulated Tumbler: Yeti and Rtic work well.
- Softcover cooler bag
- A stash of business cards: Because you never know who you'll be paired up with.
- Some cash in small bills. For tips, beverage cart and bets.
- Bottle opener
- Bluetooth Speaker
- Rangefinder (or wearable GPS unit) with a spare battery
- Mobile Swing analyzer/trackman: There are some great apps you can get on your phone.
Alright, be That Girl or Guy if you must and pack:
- Ball retriever (not judging)
- Driving range training aid or alignment sticks.
- More than 14 clubs: Because aren't 14 enough?
- 6 or more back up "water golf balls" ~ because your balls seem to have a magnetic draw to the wet lands
- Your Favorite lip gloss or lip stick
- Portable phone charger
- GoPro and selfie stick
- Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer
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