Everything we can possibly think of that should go in your golf bag

Everything we can possibly think of that should go in your golf bag - LaaTeeDa.com

Did you ever stop and think about all the junk, we mean essential items you put in your golf bag?

What's in your bag?: The Essentials
- 14 Clubs (At least)
- Six golf balls: If you're golf game is a little off at times, maybe up your stash and take 50/50 between new and used.
- Three head covers for woods and hybrids
- A dozen or so tees
- 2-3 golf gloves ~ Check out  Nailed Golf Gloves designed to enhance a woman and her game. https://www.nailedgolf.com/shop1/gloves/
- Extra Score Card
- Spare Pencil with Eraser
- Mask or Face Covering ~  Sadly these days this has also become an essential. 
- Bag tag with your name: It certainly helps at the bag drop
- 2 towels: a big one for clubs and a small towel to keep in your back pocket for the green is handy on dewey mornings.
- Divot repair tool
- Ball marker: if you don't have a lucky coin by now, you should.
- Mini-Sharpie: Or else how will you mark your ball with your trademark smiley face to truly know if it's your Titlest in the fairway?
- Protective pouch: For your phone or other items that could scratch when in a golf bag.
- Driver adjustment tool
- Wire Brush/groove cleaner
- Sunglasses
- Your LaaTeeDa Sports Hat or Visor ;)
First Aid
- Sunscreen
- Lip balm (especially for the desert or mountain courses)
- Band-Aids (for blisters)
- Bug Repellent
- Bottle (or travel pack) of painkillers
- Muscle Rub
- 2 packaged foods (nothing that will spoil quickly, like an energy or fruit bar)
- Water
Foul weather preparedness
Optional depending on the season and forecast. If you don't want to keep it all in your bag, consider keeping these items together in a smaller, easy-to-access bag.
Wet weather
- Set of rain gloves
- Rain club cover
- Rain jacket
- Pair of rain pants
- Umbrella
- Waterproof baggie: Good for valuables, phones, wallet, etc.
Cold weather
- Set of winter gloves
- Under shirt or arm warmers
- A LaaTeeDa Sports Fitted Jacket, Pull Over or Vest
- Handwarmer packs
- Wool cap that covers the ear
Social golf novelties
These items are particularly useful for social golf and group trips.
- Koozie: We don't condone "packing" your own booze but B.Y.O. Koozie is essential.
- Insulated Tumbler: Yeti and Rtic work well.
- Softcover cooler bag
- A stash of business cards: Because you never know who you'll be paired up with.
- Some cash in small bills. For tips, beverage cart and bets.
- Bottle opener
- Bluetooth Speaker
- Rangefinder (or wearable GPS unit) with a spare battery
- Mobile Swing analyzer/trackman: There are some great apps you can get on your phone.
Alright, be That Girl or Guy if you must and pack:
- Ball retriever (not judging)
- Driving range training aid or alignment sticks.
- More than 14 clubs: Because aren't 14 enough?
- 6 or more back up "water golf balls" ~ because your balls seem to have a magnetic draw to the wet lands
- Your Favorite lip gloss or lip stick
- Portable phone charger
- GoPro and selfie stick
- Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer

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