Cooler Weather Golf  – What You'll Need This Fall/Winter

Cooler Weather Golf  – What You'll Need This Fall/Winter

As long as you are willing to brave the cooler weather, golf can be just as much fun as it is during the summer. 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your golf even with a drop in temperature during the Fall and Winter months. Winter golf might be tough, but as long as your course is open, and you have the right equipment, you can get out there!

Tips On Playing Golf In The Cooler Weather

1. Always Take Time To Warm Up

If the temperature is cool, then so is your body which means you will be more prone to injuries if you don’t warm up properly by first getting in a brisk walk, doing some squats, wrist extensions, body rotations, hip stretch and some side to side tilts to get your body warmed up before you start swinging your club.

2. Choose A Good Solid Tee And The Right Ball

Don’t forget to buy some more solid winter tees, so you are not fighting to insert your tees into the hard ground. The golf ball isn’t going to travel as far in the winter as it does in the summer, so choose your shots wisely, and club up. Deciding what golf ball to use during the cold weather can also have a huge impact on your overall game. When choosing a ball for the colder weather you want to make sure you are picking a low compression, low spin golf ball which will help the ball to travel as far as it can in the colder conditions. Equally as important is the visibility of the golf ball which is not as good during those cold winter mornings, so a yellow ball like the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls is going to help you to keep an eye on it through the air, as well making it that much easier to find on the fairway.

3. Consider Adjusting The Loft Of Your Driver

When you add more loft to your driver it should help you get a little more distance when there is little to no roll on the fairways during colder months.

4. Carry Your Bag ~ Stay Warmer & Get Fit

If you are able to carry your bag it will help keep your body temperature up. Many clubs ban carts or have other winter rules in effect anyway and this is just another way to stay warm while getting a bit more exercise.

5. Pick The Right Shoes For The Season

Don't forget to wear waterproof golf shoes and clean the soles of your shoes after every hole. In the cooler weather when there is water or mud on the course, and your shoes can clog up causing you to lose your footing while taking a shot.

6. Wear SunScreen

Don't forget to wear sunscreen on your face year round.  Although the amount of UVB, spectrum of sunlight that burns our skin, is less during the winter, the amount of exposure to UVA, responsible for certain allergies and sunlight-induced skin aging, remains the same. Applying sunscreen during winters as well as on cloudy days is super important and using a SunScreen brush applicator will help you apply your sunscreen evenly and keep it off your hands.

SunScreen Brush

7. Keep Your Hands Warm

Nothing will ruin your swing like frozen hands. Grab a chemical hand warmer to keep your hands toasty and ready to play. Many brands make cold weather golf gloves that you wear on both hands, however, on colder days, they may not be thick enough.

Many winter golfers wear warm mittens over their golf gloves and if you can find the type that has a slit in the middle so you can fold back the top to grip the club, make your shot, and return the top portion to its original position, that is ideal.

Winter may be the only time you can rock the ‘two glove’ look. If it’s going to keep you warm then who cares what it looks like. Winter gloves come in pairs, are a lot thicker than their summer counterparts, and as well as being fleece-lined to help keep you warm, cold weather golf gloves are often waterproof which will help with your grip.

These FootJoy Women’s WinterSof Golf Gloves have a water-resistant grip on the palm to help keep control of your club, and they have an extended cuff that is knitted for extra warmth and helps to keep out the cold.

They have a reflective strip for high visibility both on and off the course and are both wind-resistant and waterproof.

Winter golf gloves

8. Layer It Up, Top to Bottom

Keep your heavy winter jacket in the closet and instead, opt for several layers of thin stretchy clothing. Each layer will trap warm air, and the thin layers make it easier to turn your core for a full swing.

Piling up the layers on your upper body is standard practice during the colder months, but many golfers will still just wear a standard pair golf trousers, leaving their legs to brave the cold.   Wearing a pair of leggings under your golf pants can make all the difference in keeping you warm through your entire round.

Whether you select a full zip fitted layer or a pullover to layer on over your undershirt(s), both work great during cooler weather.

Full Zip Women's jacketWomen's Pull OverGolf Pants for women

Golfing during the cooler weather might not be your first choice, but it is part of the game if you want to golf year round. You'll have to expect to take a few more shots than you would in warmer conditions, however as long as you are having fun, what more could you ask for? A bad day on the course is always better than a good day at the office!

Plus, playing in the cold weather is great exercise, it’s an excuse to get in some more practice for your summer tournaments, and if everyone is playing winter rules the general pace of play could even improve.

Just come prepared, and by following some of the tips provided in this article, you can get out there and have fun no matter whatever the weather.

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