Classic Women's Golf Style Inspired By Audrey Hepburn

Classic Women's Golf Style Inspired By Audrey Hepburn

Like so many women before us, we look up to Audrey Hepburn as our official classic style icon!  Her fashion staples inspired much of the LaaTeeDa Women's Golf Wear Line: fitted pants, the "LBD" - Little Black Dress, shaped silhouettes and of course an assortment of hats. She was never afraid to wear pants or even a tailored suit and at the same time she keep femininity with all of her outfit choices.

The best part of her style was her amazing attitude and she was confident in her own skin.   She didn't take life too serious.   

Below are some of her style cues that have inspired us!

classic style

1. Often times, a simple dress is all you need. Let your natural curves steal the attention.

Little Black DressSleeveless Little Black Dress

3. Always accessorize and protect your face with a stylish hat, even if you're just cleaning around your backyard.

pony tail hat


3. A belt cinched in the middle of a dress creates a lovely shape. Hepburn was often seen with a classic belt paired with her dresses or pants. Like this one from LaaTeeDa Sports.

Black Belt for Sports Golf


4. Collared shirts never go out of style. 

women's black collared shirt



5. Wearing classic plaid fitted pant with a solid black color top creates a classic look. 

plaid pants

6. Sunglasses work with literally any outfit from sports to even formal ones. Hepburn exuded "cool" by often pairing shades even with her jeweled-out LBD

7. Take your heels off and play golf!  Audrey Hepburn was often seen on the golf course. 

Did you know that Hepburn learned to play golf at Hartford Golf Club as a teenager. Her lowest round was 84 when she advanced to the semi-finals of the Connecticut Young Women’s Golf Championship.

golf image with Audrey Hepburn

*Images featured of Audrey Hepburn - Bettmann Archive and Huntington Post

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