Women's Golf Clothing

The Fight For Women's Style In Golf

Let's face it there are lots of women's golf wear brands  that have recently been launched and the new competition is welcome!  Why you ask?  Well each and every one of our companies arose out of a problem.

Women were spending tons of money on golf clothes and accessories that they needed, but really didn’t like. The old standard of women’s golf apparel seriously lacked style!  The old boxy, man cut polos were taking over our closets not because we liked the style ~ only because that was all that was available for women to buy, specifically for the sport of golf.

Now we at least are starting to see more choices ~ which is a good thing and our reason to support all the new women's golf wear lines out there that are designing new options designed for a broader range of styles and fit.  Some brands tend to focus on bright patterns and bold designs which is great for many women who like that type of style. However, after talking with other athletic lady golfers (both the young and more experienced), it was clear we weren’t alone in wanting to have a line that included a more fitted options within of a solid pallet of Black, Grey and White that could mix and match and go with just about anything, on and off the golf course ~ So this is what we chose to focus on for LaaTeeDa.   

We design our women's golf styles to fit and flatter, not just for golf but for everyday life. Our designs are for those that don't want to hide their body behind a boxy cut, but want to show off some of their well earned curves.  Each design and clothing piece is worn, washed and tested prior to getting approved by LaaTeeDa Sports to make sure it meets our highest standards and your busy lifestyle.

Unfortunately we are still fighting the old style of golf clothes that were designed to meet the rules/course-compliant clothes, instead of uplifting the women wearing them. Sleeveless shirts have to have a collar. Skirts couldn’t be "too short". Racerback tops? Well according to the LPGA rules this rule is changing. 

Here is just a short list of what is currently allowed on course according to the LPGA:

—Racerback with a mock or regular collar are allowed (no collar = no racerback).
Plunging necklines are NOT allowed.
Leggings, unless under a skort or shorts, are NOT allowed.
—Length of skirt, skort, and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over.

Along with many other new Women's Golf apparel brands emerging today, we are proud to continue fighting on behalf of women worldwide to push beyond the old outdated clothing boundaries and golf club rules for the ladies and we hope you will join us.   To all the new and more experienced lady golfers out there ~ don't ever give up on making our mark on this amazing sport of golf.

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