Are Country Clubs Still Too Uptight About Women's Golf Wear? -

Are Country Clubs Still Too Uptight About Women's Golf Wear?

I recently read an article from written by JOE WOWK that talked about how uptight some courses are, in regards to golf wear and I wanted to share this insight along with my own, on this topic. 

Joe's article may have been written from a guys perspective as he walked into a pro shop at Skytop Mountain Golf Club, a hillside 18 just minutes from State College, PA, but it is still a really refreshing story to hear for women as well since, if you are a golfer (man or women), I am sure we can all relate with stories of having to go home to change before heading out to golf or worst yet - being sent home to change before being able to head out to golf at your local country club because something you were wearing didn't make the cut.

At the Skytop Mountain Golf Club, they posted the following “We want all our golfers to be comfortable while enjoying the course. There is no dress code.” ~ "Say what? No dress code?",  Now like Joe states, it's not like we want to promote that you should be able to dress like a slob or too provocatively when you are heading out to golf, but opening this sport up to more comfortable clothing for both men and women is a welcome change in this day and age.

Not long ago the news that shook the golf fashion world was when Tyrrell Hatton wore a hoodie. Articles were all over the place about a pro golfer wearing something "so unbecoming of the sport", and others taking the "lighten up side of that argument".  

This is one of the reasons I wanted to create more Women's Golf Clothes that you would WANT to wear On & Off the Course!

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