5 Reasons Golfers Make Amazing Friends

5 Reasons Golfers Make Amazing Friends

They say friends are family you can choose, and we say you should most definitely chose a golfer or two! Here’s why…

1. Most Golfers don’t take themselves too seriously

Poking some fun at each other, is all part of the entertainment of a golf game. Whether one of you takes a terrible swing, completely misses the ball or falls in the water while trying to retrieve their ball, there is always a good laugh to be had and the majority of amateur golfers know how to laugh at themselves! This is just one of our qualities that make us great friends to have.

2. Golfers are good at small talk

If you are ever out with a friend and bump into an ex or disliked co-worker? Well you would be lucky if that friend is a golfer, as we’re used to awkward conversations with new people we’re randomly paired with playing a round of golf. There’s also a lot of stop and start,  walking or riding from hole to hole on a golf course, meaning we’re used to having lots of time to chat. We get to hear interesting stories and facts from different people each time we play a round, and we store them up to tell you!

3. Golfers are optimists

If our game isn’t going our way, most of us are pretty good at staying positive, after all, it’s not over until the last hole is played! We have learnt to apply this optimism to all real life situations as well, so we will be able to cheer you up and make you feel positive whenever needed, whether it is recovering from a bad shot or even just a bad day. Furthermore, a golf game relies on the weather and we will get out there whatever is predicted; we believe in the power of optimism to hold off bad weather until we finish our round!

4. Golfers are rarely late

You won’t be left waiting at the bar or restaurant for your friend if he or she is a golfer – we are rarely late! As a golfer you can't be late for your tee time, so we are well versed in getting to places with either lots of time to spare or we will be "coming in hot" to make it there on time.

5. Most Golfers know how to dress for the occasion

You may laugh at some of us for wearing the occasional bright patterned polo, however for the most part you will see us smartly dressed for just about any occasion. Comfortable yet sporty, we got that covered.   Smart Casual... all day long.  A little sassy... we got it. 

So there you have it, five reasons why you should befriend a golfer today – you’ll find us on the golf course when you’re ready!

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